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St. Joseph School is a place where parents can rest assured that their children are in good hands and not worry about them. 

Alumni Parent of 7

We wouldn’t trade the experience our boys received through Catholic education. The deep faith base, the discipline, the academics, and the life-long friends matter more than anything.

Alumni Parents of 2

We never doubted the sacrifices and felt blessed to provide our children with the best education possible.  

Alumni Parent and Current SJS Grandparent

We came to SJS on a recommendation of a parishioner/Lockport preschool teacher.  We knew our children would get a great education here with SJS being the only school around that holds a National Blue Ribbon of Excellence title!  You could say we came for the education, but have stayed because of the awesome community; where friends have become family!  This would be the biggest thing that sets SJS apart from all the others.  We are all familiar with each other and we look out for each other’s families!!  My kids enjoy all the extra activities offered and take part in everything! We enjoy seeing them grow and thrive in such a loving environment.

Current Parents of 3 SJS Students


We see the foundation that St. Joseph School helped us instill in our children at work every day.  They are involved, caring, gracious people who love God and family

Alumni Parents & Current Deacon

The walls of St. Joseph School are constructed with the love of family, friends, and ultimately, God’s love. Previous generations of families helped to make St. Joseph’s what it was for our children and our hope is that the same opportunities and experiences will be available to future students.”

Alumni Parents of 2

When we moved to Lockport, we knew we wanted to find our son a school that would be like a second family for us.  The minute we entered St. Joseph School for our tour we felt welcomed and overwhelmed with the family atmosphere.  It was filled with families that all knew each other, talking about what a great school it was, and how there were so many opportunities for sports and clubs that the kids could join.  It did not take us long to figure out we were in the right school for our family.  As the years have passed, we have learned that our son is getting individual attention from all of his teachers, along with a challenging curriculum to get him ready for the future.  The faith-based culture is one of a kind, with daily prayer and weekly mass for our children.  Now we have two children that attend, and they both love going to St. Joseph everyday because they know when they enter the building they are with family. 

Current Parents of 2 SJS Students

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