"The One that Didn't Happen" 

Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. Joseph,


As the usual dates of our beloved Oktoberfest has passed, we certainly feel its loss!  We would have typically been ready to welcome thousands of families to enjoy wonderful food, delightful entertainment and bands, exciting carnival rides, and so much more.  Without a doubt what we miss the most is the excitement, delight, and fellowship our FEST brings to young and old year after year.  The St. Joseph Oktoberfest has been our premier social event for the last 23 years, and we miss it dearly this year! 


Besides being such fun, Oktoberfest is an event that is critical to our financial future.  It turns our red bottom line black. Quite simply, Oktoberfest allows our annual budget to balance.  And this is even more true this year due to the fact that our Sunday donations are down about $2500 per weekend on average compared to our “pre-COVID life.”  As you can imagine, our parish is heading for some very serious budgetary difficulties.  Because it plays such a significant role in keeping our parish and school afloat financially, we have to find a way to make up this loss.


Although COVID regulations prevent us from holding the FEST, we are still able to hold the SuperCash Raffle as we have always done. While the raffle has always been a significant component of the fundraising revenue of Oktoberfest, this year it takes on a uniquely important role for our financial stability.  For that reason, we will encourage participation in the raffle until our drawing on November 22nd after the 12pm Mass.


Because the success of the raffle is so critical this year, I ask you to please consider both buying and selling tickets…lots of tickets! In fact, selling tickets is just as important as buying them since recent years have shown that some families can sell a whole bunch of tickets! Last year, our top seller - the Tina Tully Family - sold in excess of 200 tickets.  Our runner-up - the Hagstrom Family - sold in excess of 80 tickets.  How did they do it?  They really, really tried to sell a lot!  They reached out through work, Facebook and social media, family, and friends. With unmatched drive and enthusiasm, Tina Tully went to every establishment in the town of Lockport and surrounding areas to sell as many tickets as she could because she loves St. Joseph.  She has been our biggest seller for years, and she is looking for a little competition this year.  We hope each family can sell their tickets with just as much creativity and passion! (Additional tickets are available for purchase at the rectory or school office.) 


Your support of the SuperCash Raffle and Oktoberfest is critical for our parish weathering this most difficult year. Enclosed in this mailing we have included our “virtual” sponsorship for the FEST.  While we cannot fill the tent with banners for our sponsors, we plan to showcase our sponsor banners on our campus from now until November 22nd. Our Oktoberfest Co-Chairs, Kate Michalski and Amy Piazza are ready and able to assist you with your SuperCash Raffle purchases or Oktoberfest sponsorship.  Please contact Kate or Amy through the parish office at 815-838-0187 or by email at kmichalski55@gmail.com or agoepper@yahoo.com  


St. Joseph has been and continues to be so important to so many families. We know that it holds a special place in your hearts as well.  We are “in this together” and count on your help during this most challenging year so that we can look forward to a GRAND 25th year Oktoberfest in 2021!


Ich hoffe, bald von Ihnen zu hören (Hope to hear from you),


Fr. Gregory Rothfuchs



St. Joseph Parish & School would like to thank the following sponsors:


Supercash Raffle Sponsor

The O'Neil Funeral Home

A Special Thank you to our Commemorative Sanitizer Sponsor

The members of the
St. Joseph Holy Name Society

are happy to donate

bottles of Hand Sanitizer

to the members of our parish

during the COVID-19 Pandemic

A Special Thank you to our Commemorative Sponsor

Atlas Wealth Management
Steven Swanson


A Special Thank you to our Commemorative Sponsor

Johansen & Anderson Inc.

Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration


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